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How Can Cane Corso Be Good For Kids? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!


Are Cane Corsos good with kids? It is what most people ask when they consider adding a Cane Corso to their family. The Cane Corso may appear intimidating and royal at first glance, but it is affectionate and playful. If you are thinking about adopting this dog to your household, here are some pawsome facts about this beautiful dog breed!

The Cane Corsos and the Babies

Cane Corsos are incredibly clever dogs. They are aware of their size and how fragile a baby is. They pay great attention to where the baby is and attempt to be as gentle and loving as possible with your precious little one. Cane Corsos have outstanding protective instincts and a strong sense of family. Eventually, their behavior will change once they understand that the baby is part of their family. 

Here are some of the behaviors you may notice once they become accustomed to the baby’s presence.

  • Lying on your baby’s room’s doorstep
  • Walking more slowly and cautiously near your baby
  • Sleeping near your baby
  • Increased baby attentiveness and awareness
  • When your baby is distressed, it licks her.

Sometimes the Cane Corso can show jealousy towards the baby. They will show it through whimpering and barking to let you know that they, too, want part of the attention that the baby is receiving from you.

Still, you should never leave a newborn alone with a large dog like a Cane Corso; if he becomes very excited, he may accidentally knock over or hit the baby with his paws, which might severely hurt your baby. 

The Cane Corsos and The Toddlers

A toddler will be the most difficult challenge for a Cane Corso. Toddlers are unpredictable, and even if you try to set rules about how they should handle the dog, they won’t grasp them.

Toddlers will jump on the dog, pinch, poke, and pull their ears. Those acts will eventually irritate even the most well-socialized and trained Corso. That means you must constantly supervise your toddler when playing with the dog.

The Cane Corso and The Children

Children and Cane Corso puppies playing together is the most beautiful scene you will ever see. However, keep in mind that both the puppy and your child may be at risk. The dog and the child are both unpredictable. Because of this, children’s impulsive behavior can hurt your fur baby and create impulsive tendencies in your dog. 

You must continually keep an eye on them; if you don’t, your puppy may have behavioral issues later on, and the child may acquire a fear of dogs. Here are some tips for successfully parenting a Cane Corso puppy with a small child.

  • Always keep an eye on your pet and youngster.
  • Teach your youngster not to treat the puppy like a toy.
  • Tell your youngster not to bite, pinch, or tug on the puppy.
  • Never allow your youngster to be bitten or clawed by a puppy.
  • Teach them to play with care.
  • Never allow them to scare each other. It could cause fear or phobias in the future. 

Don’t listen to anyone that tells you that raising a Cane Corso dog with small children is impossible. It is possible and advantageous for both the puppy and the youngsters.

The temperament of a Cane Corso

Temperament: Cane Corsos

The looks and history of Cane Corsos create the idea that they are hostile, but this is not true. Cane Corsos are known as clever, loving, and loyal canines.

Cane Corsos are sweet, loving, and compassionate dogs who are vigilant against intruders. They are devoted to and playful with their family, but not so much with others. As a result, no robber would want to be caught in the yard of a Cane Corso, as they would undoubtedly maul any ill-intentioned intruder.

Spending time socializing and training them while they are young will pay off in the long run. If you give your Cane Corsos the affection they require, they will surely return it in spades.

Defining Boundaries for your Cane Corso

Teaching your children how to play with your dog is the best way to avoid danger. Teaching them not to pinch, shock, or be overly harsh while playing will keep the Cane Corso from reacting aggressively. Some of the behaviors you should teach children are the following:

  • Tell your child not to pull, pinch, or blow on the ears or eyes of the dog.
  • Never attempt to startle a sleeping or occupied Cane Corso.
  • Do not attempt to ride a Cane Corso like a horse.
  • Always give a Cane Corso room to eat.
  • Do not make your Cane Corso do anything he doesn’t want to do.

Include all of your children in the process of training your Cane Corso. They will learn how to engage with one another and understand that Cane Corsos are not toys but 

rather a family.

The Cane Corso’s Socialization and Training

A dog’s social life starts at the age of four weeks. The puppies begin to play and learn about their group, dominance, and obedience at this point. Allowing the puppy to play and learn new things is essential. If you don’t let the puppy play and learn about himself when he grows up, he will be terrified of humans, other animals, and noise. That can later develop into strange behaviors and possibly become dangerous. The more fresh experiences you introduce your puppy to, the better. 

Take Away

Now if you ask- Are Cane Corso good with kids? Cane Corsos may be the most gentle and caring, given your love, time, and proper training. Even though they are huge and intimidating, Cane Corsos can make excellent family dogs for children of all ages due to their protective attitude and abilities. 

It’s important to socialize and train your Cane Corso on time, and it’s just as important to teach your kids how to respect and interact with a big dog like them. 

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