Breeding World Class Corsos

Female Cane Corsos

A female Cane Corso has a solid build and possesses the same bravery and tenacity as its male counterpart. Female Cane Corsos typically have a gentle demeanor and a smooth, light appearance all over their bodies, just like human women. They diligently devote themselves to training and take it more seriously. The priority for female Cane Corsos is to defend their offspring and families.

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Being one of the top Cane Corso breeders, we have an amazing collection of female Cane Corsos in the world. Please take a look at them below:

Corinthians Onyx

Blue King’s Dasha
AKC Champion

Lonestars Arabelle

AKC CH Golden Moloss Chanel Di Corinthian

Apexs Chloe

Tre’s Layla

AKC CH Phantoms Elizabeth