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The Benefits Of Purchasing A Dog (Cane Corso) From A Breeder


Since dogs are overcrowded in shelters looking for loving homes, adopting a new dog is a perfect option for people wanting to add a four-legged family member. But you might also decide to get a new fur baby like Cane Corso from a reliable dog breeder. However, getting a dog shouldn’t be taken carelessly. The puppy will soon become a part of your family. These decisions also need to be based on an understanding of your goals. A reliable breeder could be of help in that. There are many benefits to purchasing a puppy from a dog breeder.

You’ll Get Professional Breed Guidance

A knowledgeable Cane Corso dog breeder can guide you if you have never owned the breed. They will also help you determine whether it will be a good fit for you and your family. A good dog breeder won’t pressure you into purchasing a puppy if the breed isn’t a good fit because they aren’t in it to make a sale.

You’ll Have The Background Of Your Puppy

Like people, different dog breeds even Cane Corso are more prone to various health issues. If you purchase your dog from a breeder, you will be aware of the parents of your pet when they start displaying any signs of health problems. Some of these disorders are genetic. It allows for prompt action for your dog, hopefully reducing the effects of the medical condition.

You’ll Meet Your Puppy’s Parents

You can meet the Cane Corso puppy’s mother, often known as the dam, and frequently other family members when you purchase from a reputable dog breeder. You can also meet the father, sometimes known as the sire if he is there. If not, the breeder can provide the father’s pedigree and will offer images or video. Meeting the Cane Corso puppy’s parents can give you an excellent notion of how you can expect your dog to look and act when he grows up.

You’ll Get A Health Guarantee For Your Puppy

Reputable dog breeders give health assurances because they care so much about the well-being of their pets. A Cane Corso puppy’s health guarantee policies should be enquired about in-depth when inquiring about the puppy. In most health guarantees, there is a provision that says you can get a replacement puppy or a refund of your money if the puppy tests positive for any of the conditions specified in the contract. The breeder could also offer to contribute a specific amount toward the dog’s medical costs.

You Can Always Have a Home for Your Puppy

A responsible dog breeder is concerned about what happens to the puppies they produce. They don’t want their puppies to wind up in a shelter or, worse, on the streets. Anytime during the dog’s life, for any reason, reputable breeders will nearly always accept a puppy back. It’s reassuring to know that your breeder will be there to support you by taking the puppy back. They can also help you find a new home if one of your family members develops an allergy to the dog. Or, if you ever find yourself in terrible straits due to a divorce, job loss, health crisis, or any other reason, they can help keep your puppy from having a home.

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