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Breeder asks all buyers to fill out an application and once puppies are confirmed from ultrasound applicants will be contacted for deposit.

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We are a premier Cane Corso breeder in Oklahoma that breeds Cane Corso, a rare variety of the Italian Mastiff. We at Corinthian Corsos, take great pride in the demeanor, socialization, and nutrition of every Cane Corso we have, especially our Cane Corso puppies. When it comes to accepting dogs, we are extremely selective about which dogs we allow into the program. It is why we are very proud to host some of the top Italian lines in the world today.

For each litter of Cane Corso puppies we sell, we set high standards. Therefore, both the breed in America and throughout the rest of the world is being improved.

We have worked hard to win some of the best bloodlines in the world as Cane Corso breeders in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and other states in the continental US. It is our passion. If you’re looking for a stunning, exceptional dog, look no further. You are the only one who can have one of our puppies.

We serve Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and, of course, the rest of the Continental US. We are located in the beautiful, pristine Kiamichi Mountains north of Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Visit our website or call us for inquiries.

Welcome to Corinthian Corsos, considered a top Cane Corso Breeder. We are breeders of the rare Italian Mastiff known as the Cane Corso. Striving to breed dogs of superior type with equally stable temperaments. We are extremely selective about which dogs we allow in our program. Very proud to host some of the top Italian lines in the world today.

We inspire high standards of each litter of Cane Corso puppies for sell. Therefore improving the breed here in America and likewise the rest of the World.

They are a very social dog and should be a member of your family, not just another kennel dog. We take raising our puppies very seriously and as a result only plan a few litters a year. Our goal is to give each puppy the best possible start in life with maximum human contact.

It requires a lot of time and socialization equally from the breeder to produce a truly confident animals. Purchasing an Italian mastiff is a huge investment of time and money therefore please do your research. Examine the bloodlines before you chose which breeders and puppy is the right one for you. The right bloodlines and early socialization as a result will make a huge difference.

Often weighing more then 100 pounds, with a large head and alert expression, and muscular frame, cane corso for sale Oklahoma are at a glance intimidating creatures. Bred as guard dogs for centuries, their imposing appearance is their first line of defense against intruders. As one writer put it, “An understated air of cool competence, the kind of demeanor yo’d expect from a professional bodyguard, is the breed’s trademark” and complete the picture of a dog not to be trifled with.

Located in the beautiful pristine Kiamichi Mountains north of Broken Bow, Oklahoma. We serve Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and of course the remainder of the Continental US. Customers that are interested in purchasing one of the Cane Corso puppies for sale. Browse our site also contact us with any questions.

As a Cane Corso Breeders in Texas, Oklahoma,, Arkansas and other continental in US we have worked hard to obtain some of the top bloodlines in the world. This is our passion, interested in a magnificent, unique dog then look no further. Our pups are just for you.

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Rothorm’s Anna x AKC Grand CH Corinthians Titanium
Puppies Available Now!

Our Top of the Line Male and Female Cane Corsos

male cane corso - cane corso breeders

Our Male Cane Corso

Quality is a habit, and our Cane Corso Males reflect our ideals.

A Cane Corso male has a large head and a rectangular body. It has a strong frame, slit muscles, and a stretched-out body. Its neck is somewhat arched, and its snout is deep and broad.

Our Female Cane Corso

Producing generations of excellence is a priority for our Cane Corso females.

A female Cane Corso has a solid build and possesses the same bravery and tenacity as its male counterpart. Female Cane Corsos typically have a gentle demeanor and a smooth, light appearance all over their bodies, just like human women.

female cane corso

Breeding World Class Corsos. The Best Cane Corso Breeders.

AKC Grand Champion Leonitis "The Big Show"

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Companion puppy Deposits are $500

Companion Puppies are beautiful and healthy, but not chosen by us to be a part of a breeding program. They are high quality pups and are a perfect fit for those that want an amazing and protective family companion. Every puppy comes with a 24 month / 2 yr contract that covers genetic health issues. Puppies sold as companions are to be spayed /neutered and may not be bred. Ear cropping is up to the owners. Tails and rear dew claws are done on all our pups. People get to select pups in the order the deposits are received.

Show / breed puppy deposits are $1000

All show / breed puppies come with a contract and health testing contract. The contract must be fulfilled before the dog is bred. Show / breed pups come with the same 24 month / 2yr health contract as the companion pups. People get to select pups in the order the deposits are received.

Important Facts

Most of our pups are reserved before they are born because people get to choose their pups in the order we receive the puppy deposits. We DO NOT take deposits or sell pups based on color. Instead, we try to match the personality and temperament of the puppy with each family’s preferences. We do however produce every color the breed comes in and people get to select their pups in the order we get the reservations.

Contact us at Corinthian Corsos for info and availability 580-579-3126.

All our pups come with the following:

All pups come with natural ears. It is the owner’s decision if they want to leave the pup’s ears natural or to crop them. We can get your pup’s ears laser cropped at 7 weeks of age with our veterinarian if you chose to have the ears cropped. It is major surgery and there is an additional charge for the surgery.

Balance for all pups is due at 7 weeks of age when the puppies are chosen. (This includes ear crop surgery costs if applicable)

We have multiple transport options to get your pup to its new homes all over North America Contact us with any questions or for more info.

About Cane Corso

Cane Corsos are intimidating animals with large heads, an alert look, and a strong body that weighs more than a hundred pounds. Due to their long history of breeding as guard dogs, their intimidating appearance serves as their first line of defense against intruders. The unique demeanor of the breed makes them excellent bodyguards. However, early socialization and a good lineage will make a big difference. They can be social dogs and loving members of your family, not just another kennel dog. Therefore, please do your research before getting an Italian mastiff. Look into the bloodlines before choosing the breeder and puppies suitable for you.

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Corey Kent White w/ special guest Graycie York

April 16th, 2022 @ 7:30pm.

Raising A Puppy

As Cane Corso breeders, We want you to be aware if the high quality we maintain. We only provide the best litters of the puppies as a result we are very selective of the homes the puppies will live.


Our females have litters throughout the year. Check to see if we have any available at this time. If not, you can always reserve a spot for the next litter.

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Corinthian’s Titanium

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What Makes Corinthian Corsos the Best Place to Purchase Your Cane Corso Pups?

If you have decided that now is the best time to get a Cane Corso puppy, you should start looking for where to get one. And by visiting Corinthian Corsos, you found the best spot to get your Cane Corso puppy.

We Love What We Are Doing, We Love Cane Corsos

To be a successful Cane Corso breeder, you must first love what you do and the breed. Despite their intimidating demeanor, Cane Corsos could end up being the perfect family pet with the right amount of love and care.

Whether you are a novice or seasoned dog owner, we would be happy to help you. We may send you images and videos of the Cane Corso puppies as they grow. It can help you see and experience the traits you are looking for in a Cane Corso puppy.

After you buy your Cane Corso pup, our partnership with you doesn’t end. You are welcome to ask any questions you have, and we will be pleased to respond to all of them. Call us anytime.

What Sets Corinthian Corsos Apart

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Breed Education

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