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Cane Corso FAQ

As one of the top Cane Corso Breeders in the US and the World, we feel it is important to know all of you can about the wonderful breed that is the Cane Corso.

Cane Corsos are loving affectionate companions with a docile temperament. Very unique and unlike any other canine. They draw attention most everywhere they go. Their appearance is majestic and noble. However its important to remember that this loving sweet puppy will turn into a large powerful dog. Very strong willed and possesses a dominate nature at times. All future owners of a Cane Corso must possess the ability to establish control and dominance at an early age. The puppy needs to know who the pack leader is at all times. While stable in temperament, they can exhibit dominant behaviors at times and its important to recognize those and address them swiftly with correction and leadership.

Yes Yes Yes!! The corsos possess the ability to be guardian driven by nature. Naturally aloof at times. In our modern times it is important that your dog is socialized at a very young age and all the way through his lifetime. The Corso is very intelligent and assesses every situation and moment he or she encounters. So interaction is very important to the social building blocks of their personality. Build your future puppies confidence by socializing him or her regularly.

Yes. Guard dogs improve home security. The Cane Corso possesses the innate ability to protect and are in this category. The Cane Corso as a protector of his property and owners is unequaled. Intelligent he is easily trained. Noble, majestic and powerful his presence is impressive and intimidating to many. He is docile and affectionate to his owner, loving with children and family.

A home invasion occurs every 15 seconds. 1 in 5 homes will experience a home Invasion in America.

Crime rates continue to grow and in a bad economy, where unemployment rises and law enforcement departments experience cut backs, it Is inevitable that crimes like robbery, assault, home invasion, rape and murder continue to increase.

A breed like the Cane Corso can play a big part in protecting yourself and or your Immediate family. Just their mere presence can intimidate a potential intruder and their keen ability to protect their property and territory allows them to be able to serve and protect naturally. And with advanced protection training, can increase your personal protection even further.

Yes. You must possess this trait and realize it’s your job as a human pack leader To make it absolutely clear to your Cane Corso that you are in charge, always, and that any aggressive, unwanted behavior will not be tolerated. If you can acknowledge this and possess this trait, then you definitely qualify for a Cane Corso. They need a strong leader who possesses calm and assertive leadership qualities.

Why? Because they are a strong willed canine and need a stable disciplined master.

Is obedience training required to buy a Cane Corso from Corinthian Corsos?

Yes. We require all our puppies to receive puppy kindergarten training and follow up Obedience training at 18-22 mths.

Please fill out an application on our website. After reviewing the application, Corinthian Corsos will notify you if you qualify for an upcoming puppy.

Once we have approved you for a puppy, then we ask for a deposit through and once a deposit is received we send you a deposit contract stating You have submitted a deposit for a upcoming future litter or current litter and Are guaranteed a healthy Cane Corso puppy when litter is ready to leave our home.

Deposits are nonrefundable

Yes, you will receive a current health certificate with your dog.

Cane Corsos with proper temperament are very good with children. Even though they possess natural instincts to be gentle with kids, new owners must be aware of Making sure children do not play rough ,tease or hurt the dog when socializing with him or her. Its important for adults to realize all animals are animals by nature. They have nature prey drive instincts. If kids are running and screaming around the dogs when its play time it can trigger puppies or adolescent puppies to sometimes run and bite at their clothing or toys and this is behavior that can lead to further problems. Just always remember all interaction between children and animals should be “SUPERVISED”. Children don’t have the ability most of the time to correct a bad habit or action. As adults it’s our responsibility to allow for fun time to be a time with no misbehaving taking place. Use common sense with animals and treat them with respect always. And teach your children proper respect towards your dogs.

No. We acclimate all our puppies to be very comfortable with their crate. Their crate becomes their “safe place”. We bring puppies and their crate they will be flying in into our home weeks prior to flying. They adjust to sleeping in it, playing in and around it and when it comes time to fly they are comfortable and ready for a smooth flight to their new homes.

We fly on airlines with full Air Conditioning in their cabins and fly primarily straight flights with no layovers. In the event of a layover we prepare food and water and make sure puppy is not delayed longer than an hour or two at its temporary stop.
We also make sure airlines provide air conditioned facilities when puppy is awaiting a upcoming flight.

Thousands of puppies fly out to new homes year after year from breeders all over the world. We acknowledge this and trust our airline providers 100%.

Yes, they are. They possess the same instincts to protect and serve their owners.

No, however we can give you solid referrals to obedience and personal protection training.

We own some of the most beautiful Cane Corsos in the world. They possess the Most beautiful loving temperaments. Our bloodlines have been built to produce sound balanced representations of the breed in structure and temperament. We will provide lifelong support with your Cane Corso.

We also own one of the most acclimated Cane Corsos in the history of the breed. Multi Champion Leonitis “The Big Show”. He is our number one building block behind our bloodlines.

We are a working class family that devotes our time and money to taking care of our dogs. Our dogs are socialized daily and fed the best in quality dog food and given regular vitamins and shots on a routine basis. Our kids, family and friends are involved with our dogs as well. Socializing is vital to the growth mentally of any puppy.

We are located in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. In the beautiful pristine kiamichi mountains of Southeast Oklahoma. We also serve Texas, Arkansas, and the rest of the US. If you are interested in purchasing one of our Cane Corsos, browse our site for the available Cane Corsos for sale.