Breeding World Class Corsos

Policies for Cane Corsos

All families must be approved. A Cane Corso is not for everyone.
We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone at anytime for any reason.
All litters are carefully planned, far in advance.
We focus on stable temperament, health and type as stated by the FCI (Italian) standard.
All puppies receive individual human attention and interaction on a daily basis from the moment of birth. We realize the importance of early socialization and stimulation for developing temperament and take this responsibility seriously.
All puppies will have:


The litter will be registered with ICCF & AKC.
Your papers will be mailed to you after full payment received and contract is signed.
We feel that puppy kindergarten and basic obedience are essential for this breed’s development and socialization therefore we highly recommend every family to take these classes with their puppy. Our recommendations are designed to ensure that the puppy is stable in temperment and has a great start for a balanced set of social skills and obedience.


We guarantee our puppies to be free of crippling hip dysplasia and congenital health defects for their first 26 months of age. We will be more than happy to forward a copy of the contract to you so you can review our terms.


Reservations are done by Corinthians picking order with temperament and need matching in mind. All applications must be approved. Money is nonrefundable unless we do not have a puppy of the sex and quality you reserved within 12 months of placing your deposit.
If you are interested in reserving a puppy, please request a application @ [email protected] or call 580-236-0671.

Stud Service

We offer stud service. We can help you to determine if one of our males is well suited for your female.

We like to see legimate photos of the female.

The following is to be presented prior to the breeding taking place:

Stud fee is due prior to services being rendered. We offer fresh chilled semen as well as frozen. Frozen should only be utilized where fresh chilled is not feasible (shipping out of the country, for future use, etc). Feel free to contact us for more info on frozen semen. We work closely with a reproduction specialist and can ship worldwide. Semen will arrive with a semen evaluation report which indicates count, motility, etc so you will know upon arrival that the semen is sufficient to achieve pregnancy. If done by fresh chilled, your stud fee will include two collections shipped for arrival at your vet clinic on the two most optimal days of the female‘s season (as should be determined by progesterone tests). If done by frozen, can be shipped in advance and waiting at your clinic for your female to come into season.

If for some reason the pregnancy does not take, we will repeat the procedure one time on the bitch‘s next season. All veterinary fees, transportation and shipping are to be paid by the owner of the female and are in addition to the stud fee. We do not mark these items up. Veterinary fees can be paid directly to our clinic.

We recommend fresh chilled over natural as it involves the least risk, is the most efficient & usually the most economical (depending on geographic location) and because in this case you know for sure that the semen is good.

Feel free to call us at 580-579-3126 or e-mail us at [email protected] for more information/details.